Issue 5 Record Release in Burlington, Vermont

I’m so excited to announce the first record release party of Issue 5. It will be in Burlington, Vermont on Sunday, November 3rd from 7 – 10pm. Joined by the band who appears on the record, this will be a truly unique experience to hear the album in it’s entirety as well as choice APR songs. The band is comprised of Sean Preece (drums), Peter Day (Bass/Vocal), Clint Bierman (Guitar/Vocal) and Leon Campos (Keys/Piano/Organ). Peter Day kicks things off. $10 Suggested Donation – All Ages – byob

Visit the Facebook event click HERE

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Free Album – Live at the Main Street Cafe

On April 12th, I had the privilege to be the featured performer at the Main Street Cafe, in Groton, MA. The set was a blast featuring unreleased material and tracks off of the forthcoming Issue 5. Host Gayle Picard made me feel right at home as did the lively crowd joining me on a few tunes. I felt so good about the recording I got from Marc Feldman, I decided to release it. It’s a pay what you want album. Enjoy!

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New Posters Archive

Over the course of many years I’ve had the privleage of working with great artists and photographers. I’ve added a new section to the website where you can see many of them. Click here to see.

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Issue 5 Coming and New Duo Project

I’m happy to report, I’ll be in the studio tracking my new EP at the Signal Kitchen in Burlington, VT the end of this month. Pre-Production of the material can be found at my SoundCloud Page.   Also, I’ve got tons of fun cover shows booked this summer with my buddy Kevin Shields.  We are working on a name for our project. Lots of classic rock and R & B with 90s alt and contemporary tunes thrown in to amp it up. Check my shows page to see where we are playing!

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Downloads Galore

Downloads Galore.  Life is happening and I am excited to have two new great places for you to download my music for free!!!  The first is my bandcamp site which can be found here This is where you can get two tracks from Live at Nectar’s 10.1.11.  Also, I have a Soundcloud page where I am putting demos and other fun APR sounds.  Souncloud/aprmusic You can follow me and get instant updates on all the new music I’m posting. Happy Downloading!!!

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Recording at Nectars

I recorded a show at Nectar’s in Burlington on October 1st and will be making selected tracks available for download this fall.    This picture was taken from the show by my image guru Shawn Patrick Rice. More pictures and a write up of the night can be seen at Benjamin D. Blooms blog. And for even more pictures of the evening, check out Reid Crosby’s shots. With their own unique styles, it’s amazing to see each photographers interpretation. Thanks to them and every one else who came to the show!

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Via Chicago – New Record!

After a great 6 days and Chicago and upper Wisco, I have to say I love the mid-west. A lot of my dear friends growing up live there and it feels like home. The week began with 2 days of R & R in Chi. The city does excellent tours on the water. Highly recommend them. Then, it was time to rent a car and head up to Wabeno.

North Branch was happening. 2 nights of great music, food, drinks and friends. I opened the festival off with a short APR set followed by a collection of Wilco tunes I had learned for my friends who were throwing the festival. They love Wilco. I played Sunken Treasure -> Airline to Heaven, Impossible Germany, California Stars. As Tweedy would say, the crowd pleasers. I closed with “The Line” to people singing and dancing.

Sunday, I headed back to Chicago for another great show at Uncommon Ground on Clark, a favorite. The tight quarters lead to quiet crowds listening closely. It brings the inner spirit out. Plus their calamari is to die for. Sadly, on Monday, I said good bye to the mid-west. Can’t wait to get back this fall!

Upon arriving in Burlington, the reality hit, I was moving. My time in Vermont was wonderful and I am happy to be able to return there frequently for gigs. Now, I am back to Boston and new songs are flowing. I will be recording another EP this summer in my home studio to be released in the fall. It will be titled Issue 5 “something I haven’t come up with yet.” 😉 This is all leading up to a full length record to be recorded next year. Sign the mailing list to stay up to date on previews and demo downloads. Peace out and happy summer – though I’d like to see, “Rain Away.”

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Off to North Branch

Tonight I leave for the mid-west to perform 2 shows. One at the rocking North Branch Music Festival on June 24th in Wabeno, Wisconsin and the other will be my return to Uncommon Ground on Clark in Chicago on June 26th @ 8pm click here for Facebook event. For details, click the venues. I will be posting info on my facebook page. See out there!

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Back from Tour

It’s been two weeks since I got from the Portraits Tour and I have established a few things. First, I am blessed to know so many great people who I can learn from watch grow and who want to do the same for me. Second, I am who I am because of those people. Third, keeping up with a blog and website is time consuming. Fourth, I will continue to work at getting better about talking about the cool stuff I do more regularly so can keep finding that cool stuff out at this website. Fifth and finally, keep positive energy in the world, because you never know who needs some…

Thanks to all of you who came out to my shows on tour! Because of you, it was a great success.

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Life must go on…

My tour has been eye opening. Rolling from town to town I’ve notice to quote Paul Simon, ‘Each town looks the same to me.’ Madison on a topographical or architectural level looks very little like Indianapolis or Columbus or Bowling Green or Syracuse. But on an economic level, these towns are identical. Closed businesses, boarded up strip-malls and tons of ‘For Sale’ and ‘Going out of Business’ signs. The need for positive music and energy is clear.

When I walked into to Java Cat and met Kim, you wouldn’t have known we were in a recession. Her upbeat personality put me in the right mood, forgetting all the depression I witnessed on my drive down 74 and up 39. She is a musician like myself following her passions and enjoying every day she’s given. Check out her band Dirty Kicks new website.

Right before I got started in my set, two familiar faces walked in with a brand new baby. I couldn’t help and think about the gas station sign I saw, ‘Love.’ Love for living will take us threw this hard time. Life must go on. No, life will go on. It has too. You can live in misery letting the hardships that have hit all of us consume your thoughts or you can be like Kim and go to work with a purpose with hope. I choose purpose and hope…

I played for about 2 hours for patrons of the Java Cat as they ate their gelatos and drank their lattes. Stories were told. Laughs were had. I loaded out around 7:30 and headed to a friend of a friends had some beers and crashed.

I woke up to snow. Awesome. Thanks Wisconsin. Now, it’s on to Milwaukee!

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