Growing and Growing

The road to Syracuse was eventful. I found about this magical place called, the “Mighty Taco.” It’s an independent fast food taco chain in the greater Buffalo area. Do not be fooled, it is no ordinary fast food. It’s magical. I recorded my adventure and will be making the, “Quest for the Might Taco.” After a long 460 miles down 90 and its ridiculous tolls, I rolled into Bowling Green, Ohio about 9:30pm.

Howard’s Club H is historic monument to clubs of the days of old. A cross between a biker bar and garage, stickers are plastered all over the place, there are holes in the dry wall, it smells like and old keg and there is probably not a straight pool stick in the place, but, after all that’s rock and roll. Isn’t it? These venues are dying, most notably CBGB’s. Howard’s is not. As I stuck myself all over the room, I was planting seeds in this place that will hopefully keep it growing with new APR fans to occupy it on future dates.

The show started with Sam Wagner ripping through songs. His fans cheered and bought him drinks, and more drinks and more drinks. I hit the stage about 11:30 and kicked things of with heavy, ‘Drawing Dead’ followed by Nexus. I played my heart and the Howard’s peeps gave me the love back. Cory Breth, a promising local S/S, went on after me playing a mix of pleasing covers and originals to his followers. The night closed with Roy and the Als with Cheese.

I’ve clearly established that Bowling Green State University would have been an incredible place to go to college. As Cory was wrapping up his set, I stepped out to grab a late night bite. Flocks of kids walked the streets looking for people they new, bars to step into for a last call and perhaps find a companion to share the next 8 hrs or if a blessing should happen a lot longer. It was lively. Though I do not envy those kids, I do admire them and their persistence to the game. After all, I was in college once.

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