Record Store Day

Record Store Day started as an idea by musician/artist, Chris Brown, to bring fans of music together for one day to celebrate their passions while supporting their local retailers. Lines form around the block to hopefully get a piece of history. Main-stream artists and indie-folks combine forces releasing limited addition material targeted around the event. The stores have live music most of the day serving snacks and drinks. It is good people, good vibes.

Why I’ve never heard of this day until Saturday when I arrived in Columbus, Ohio, is crazy. I love purchasing CDs. The packing, the liner notes, the physical piece of music, hightens my experience as a fan. I truly feel a part of the experience. Digital music just has a very voyeuristic feeling. Record stores provide real forums for fans of music to unite and share their love of “Big Star “ and “Gang Starr.”

I had some time to kill before my gig and stumbled into Magnolia Thunderpussy out of pure chance. Record Store Day was in full effect there. After checking a quick set by rappers, Ill Poetic, Illogic, J Rawls and L.e For The Uncool, I chatted with them about their, ‘Ohio Take Over Tour,’ and the importance of Record Store Day. Wanting to support the day, I bought the new David Gray and the T-Bone Burnett produced, Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horse’s record, Junky Star, then, headed up the block for my gig.

Travonna Coffee is located on N. High Street in downtown Columbus. Travis and the fellow baristas serve coffee and yummie bites 24 hours a day. It is a hot spot for students to get their study on not only for its all hours and tasty offerings, but the room is super cool as well. Local art hangs on the walls and beautiful wood floors run the whole the length of the store. I kicked my set off around 8:00 to a room of about 5 people. When I ended around 11:00 there were about 25 people, banging on tables and singing along. Stickers were handed out, CDs were sold, great conversation was had, I crushed a burrito, packed up, and got the car with my expectations blown away.

As hit the road a little after midnight, I could not help but think, “This is why I do what I do.” People took a chance on me and I took a chance back. After a great week on the road, it is clear people need music and they love experiencing it together. I am so happy to be a vehicle for this. We need to keep supporting independent record stores and artists, because they are what keep the foundation of music going. You can’t have a tree with out a seed. Underground, baby. Columbus, thanks for reminding of me of what this is all about!

My tour continues to Madison and the Java Cat. See you all out there on the road!

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