Life must go on…

My tour has been eye opening. Rolling from town to town I’ve notice to quote Paul Simon, ‘Each town looks the same to me.’ Madison on a topographical or architectural level looks very little like Indianapolis or Columbus or Bowling Green or Syracuse. But on an economic level, these towns are identical. Closed businesses, boarded up strip-malls and tons of ‘For Sale’ and ‘Going out of Business’ signs. The need for positive music and energy is clear.

When I walked into to Java Cat and met Kim, you wouldn’t have known we were in a recession. Her upbeat personality put me in the right mood, forgetting all the depression I witnessed on my drive down 74 and up 39. She is a musician like myself following her passions and enjoying every day she’s given. Check out her band Dirty Kicks new website.

Right before I got started in my set, two familiar faces walked in with a brand new baby. I couldn’t help and think about the gas station sign I saw, ‘Love.’ Love for living will take us threw this hard time. Life must go on. No, life will go on. It has too. You can live in misery letting the hardships that have hit all of us consume your thoughts or you can be like Kim and go to work with a purpose with hope. I choose purpose and hope…

I played for about 2 hours for patrons of the Java Cat as they ate their gelatos and drank their lattes. Stories were told. Laughs were had. I loaded out around 7:30 and headed to a friend of a friends had some beers and crashed.

I woke up to snow. Awesome. Thanks Wisconsin. Now, it’s on to Milwaukee!

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