Welcome to the home of video of Andrew Parker-Renga. Performing is my favorite part of making music. Anything can happen and usually does. There are two sections of videos you may have noticed when scrolling over the videos tab.

The first is a collection of originals I’ve recorded myself or someone else has recorded of me over the years. Thanks to those who had recorded video of me! Every performance is always different. Songs change, moods change, the world changes. These videos are like little bookmarks in my life.

The second is a weekly music series I run called Fun Friday’s where I post videos of originals or covers. Basically, whatever comes to mind that week or whatever any fans request. If you’ve got an idea, I’d love to hear it. Email me at andrew @ or message me on Facebook

Primarily all of my videos are uploaded to my YouTube account. To get a complete list of videos I’ve posted click here or else click the corresponding video section in the drop down menu under videos.

Thanks for watching you voyer you!